PM’s gift to National Heroes on 71st Independence Day


A move towards preservation of  ”Gallantry Award Winners”

On 71st Independence Day our PM Mr. Narendra Modi launched a website for all Gallantry Award Winners of our country. It’s not only a launch of website even a step towards preservation of national heroes.

what is the website all about?

It is a virtual platform where every gallantry award winner will be recorded with all honor. The motive behind the launch of  this website is basically to to provide a particular platform to all National Award Winnings and to bring those awardees  who are not being shown due to some reasons.

Here is a system to add missing awardees on this portal is to check the authenticity of data whichever is supposed to be added on this portal.

A Brief Description about the awards 

India honor is a system where an individual is being awarded as per the service the service given by his/her in republic of India.

According to the website, ”Post-independence, first three gallantry awards namely

Param Vir Chakra

Maha Vir Chakra

Vir Chakra .”

These three Awards were instituted by Government of India on 26th January, 1950.

And after that there are  three awards

Ashoka Chakra Class-I

Ashoka Chakra Class-II

Ashoka Chakra Class-III .

These all awards as given above  were deemed to have effect from the 15th August, 1947.

And these awards were renamed as

The Ashoka Chakra

The Kirti Chakra

The Shaurya Chakra

respectively in January, 1967.

According to our India Honor System, Gallantry Awards are being announced twice in a year, First on Republic Day. These awards have an order of precedence, which is

The Param Vir Chakra

The Ashoka Chakra

The Mahavir Chakra

The Kirti Chakra

The Vir Chakra

The Shaurya Chakra.

There is brief description about Indian Awards in a brief in the website

This is how National Awards are being given in the website. And there is a place for every gallantry award winner with his/her details. Just have a look how it looks like

Here, the heroes are mentioned  with their profile and awards.

If we visit to the website, there is a proper details about national honor also.


After having a look of entire website we can say that it’s a fair move towards our national heros, national award winnings and it was an important thing to bring them on a particular platform and to those also who are being missed due to any reason.



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  1. In this digital era this portal will be very useful to know about our real heroes.

  2. Great

    First time who thinks about the our soldiers

  3. This is nice steps for our soldiers so that everyone should know about them nd their duty for our nation nd we and there families r proud on them…..?

  4. Very informative article.
    Keep on posting such articles.

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