About Me




I’m Sandhya Bhaduria, the girl behind this blog. It’s an important part to know the person who is behind something, yeah….

So, I’m going to bore you that much, just let me introduce myself in a brief. 

Facts of about me

  • The meaning of my name is ‘Evening’.
  • Belong to a small town, near Kanpur (UP).
  • Management student (MBA) by qualifications and a passionate blogger. 
  • Single.
  • This is my first blog which I started in August, 2017.
  • It’s not just all I do, i just started through this blog I’ll come up with more interesting stuff to share with you all very soon!
  • I also work as content writer as per the requirement. 
  • I love to write on different niches with a complete detail regarding that topic which will help you to gain knowledge about particular issue, that’s for sure!